New!! Call for 2021 Catalyst Award Applications: Please refer to this page.
For list of Taiwan’s 2020 Catalyst Awardees, please refer to this page.
Potential applicants are also encouraged to visit this page for a list of the 154 global winners of the 2020 Catalyst Award.
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2021 Academia Sinica Catalyst Award Competition: Rules and Guidelines

Catalyst Awards will reward bold, new, potentially transformative ideas to improve the physical, mental, or social well-being for people as they age, and in a measurable and equitable way. Ideas could focus on any step in a lifespan, as long as it ultimately promotes health as people age. Facing the pandemics, additional emphases on disease prevention and management and response to pandemics are also included.

Academia Sinica Catalyst Award Competition: Information and instructions

  1. Proposals will be judged on the basis of creativity and innovation, rather than on the basis of pre-existing data, demonstrated work, institutional capabilities, or feasibility alone.
  2. In writing the proposals, applicants should bear in mind that reviewers will have diverse expertise and perspectives. Please address your ideas to stimulate a broad audience.
  3. The proposal should address the following two aspects in fewer than two A4 pages (Arial font size 11 or larger or Calibri/Times New Roman font size 12 or larger, single-spaced, all margins at least 1.5 cm). Up to three key references may be included.

Academia Sinica Catalyst Award Competition: Review Process and Criteria

Review of Applications: Step-wise review process will be conducted as follows:

  1. Administrative Review
  2. Innovation Review
  3. Final Review